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Why the probability of nuclear accidents is real but its value cannot be given

Every time some scary news concerning nuclear power plants hit the media, some so-called experts are readily willing to give statements about the probability of the event in question to occur. These kind of statements are utter nonsense, and not … Weiterlesen

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Invariance: E = mc²

  There is knowledge only when some similarity, sameness, uniformity, analogy, in brief, some „invariance“ is found and given a name. In knowledge, we are always concerned with „invariances“ alone. The full significance of this fact will emerge gradually. Eino … Weiterlesen

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The Model

While scientists and philosophers have on the whole taken diagrams for granted, they have been forced to fret at some length about the nature and function of models. Few terms are used in popular and scientific discourse more promiscuously than „model“. … Weiterlesen

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Strings aren’t Strings

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Nase Goreng

Der gemeine Normmensch ist erwachsen, hat 1,8m² Hautfläche und nimmt 0,7 Bäder am Tag zu sich. Außerdem übt er eine sitzende Tätigkeit aus. Dabei verströmt er Geruch im Wert von einem Olf. Leider weiß ich nicht, ob das vor oder … Weiterlesen

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Vorschau: Brian Greenes nächster Bestseller

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